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Please note that the following case study is purely hypothetical and is intended to illustrate the range of services we may provide our financial planning clients. This example may not be representative of all experiences. There is no guarantee of future performance or success. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal.


George and Macy, both 67 years old, recently entered retirement and were eager to enjoy their golden years without the need to work. However, they were uncertain about their financial readiness and were seeking guidance on how to sustain their desired lifestyle throughout their retirement years. They wanted to be sure they do not run out of money in their lifetime.


As their financial planning team, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of George and Macy's financial situation, taking into account their assets, income sources, expenses, and retirement savings. We worked closely with them to understand their retirement goals, aspirations, and preferred lifestyle choices.

Based on our assessment, we developed a personalized retirement income plan for George and Macy. This plan included strategies to optimize their investment portfolio and generate a reliable income stream to meet their expenses and desired lifestyle. We evaluated their Social Security claiming options, pension benefits, and other potential income sources to ensure they make informed decisions to maximize their retirement income.

We addressed the biggest risk in their retirement, the possible need of expensive long-term care. We addressed self-insuring as well as crafted insurance policy options.

Additionally, we collaborated with George and Macy to create a comprehensive budget that aligns with their retirement goals. We helped them identify potential areas for cost-saving or reallocation of resources to support their preferred lifestyle choices.

As part of our services, we regularly review and adjust their retirement plan based on market conditions, changes in their circumstances, and evolving goals. We provide ongoing guidance on investment management, tax-efficient strategies, and potential risk mitigation techniques.


Through our financial planning services, George and Macy gained peace of mind and are on a path towards financial security in their retirement. With a customized retirement income plan in place, they can confidently pursue their desired lifestyle and enjoy their retirement years without the worry of financial instability.

Services provided include

  • Retirement budget projections
  • Lifetime cash flow analysis
  • Social Security optimization
  • Pension survivor benefit planning
  • Investment portfolio design and management
  • Tax optimization
  • Analysis of options to cover long-term care needs
  • Estate planning review
Retired Couple